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Selma® furniture
Living room, dining room, kitchen, bar, bedroom, kids’ room, home office

Selma® furniture combines the conciseness and elegance of neo-classicism with the warm and casual feel of French country style. Evoking lavender fields and bright sunshine, Selma® transforms any home into a peaceful and cozy haven from the chaos of metropolitan life. In the naturally rich and intricate grain of Selma® wood furniture, one can sense the special character and romance of French culture.

~ Fashions come and go, but the classics last forever ~

1. living room
SJK #2 series
sofa 2060W x 816D x 860H mm
love seat 1428W x 816D x 860Hmm
armchair 860W x 816D x 860H mm
coffee table 1300W x 700D x 430H mm
side table 700W x 700D x 500H mm
SJK #1 series
sofa 2094W x 600D x 815H mm
love seat 1450W x 600D x 815H mm
armchair 925W x 600D x 815H mm
coffee table 1300W x 700D x 460H mm
side table 700W x 700D x 500H mm
SJK #2 media collection
HDTV console 1650L x 600D x 500H mm
Media tower (high) 1800H x 600D x 500W mm
Media tower (low) 1400H x 600D x 500W mm

SJK console
590W x 400D x 760H mm

2. dining room and bar
SJC #1 series
buffet and hutch 1544W x 541D x 2165H mm
dining table 1450L x 800W x 750H mm
chair 420W x 460D x 900H mm
barstool 520W x 550D x 1180H mm
home bar 1536W x 432D x 1100H mm

3. bedroom
SJO #4 series
wardrobe (3-door) 1590W x 620D x 2177H mm
wardrobe (4-door) 2111W x 620D x 2177H mm
queen bed 2144L x 1600W x 1235H mm
king bed 2144L x 1900W x 1235H mm
nightstand 550W x 460D x 600H mm
lounger 1411W x 500D x 658H mm

4. home office
SJS series
bookcase 2200/1330/935W x 450D x 2128H mm (10/6/4-glass door)
desk 1550L x 800D x 754H mm
armchair 635W x 590D x 1060H mm
phone lounger 1200L x 600D x 700H mm

5. kids’ room
SJR series
wardrobe 1228W x 658D x 2177H mm
bed 2015L x 1300W x 1010H mm
nightstand 400W x 350D x 570H mm
dressing table 830W x 430D x 1550H mm
dressing stool Φ350 x 420H mm
desk 630W x 420D x 600H mm
stool 500W x 270D x 405H mm