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Wood doors:

In the year of 2000, we began with Japanese-style door production in our door plant Chengdu Zupont, located in Chengdu, the largest inland city in China. Our customer is a very important door company in Japan. Its very strict quality standards and long-term on-site technical assistance helped us to grow into a first-class door manufacturer in 3 years.

We began to manufacture wood doors for the US market in 2003. Our product line ranges from panel doors (raised/ flat panel), bifold and louver doors, French doors, screen doors, craftsman doors, to MDF primed doors.

Since September 2004, we have been manufacturing alder doors. The production has gradually focused on knotty alder door, because we came to realize that the plan's geographic location made our advantage in high-quality premium doors. Our customers are very satisfied with our knot repair, split-resistant panel construction (3-layer), strictly controlled MC, high-quality machining and sanding. Both the product quality and the customer service are positively confirmed. Please visit our photo gallery for examples of our alder doors in different designs and finishes.

In 2012, we relocated the the production line of exporting doors to our new manufacturing facitily, Huizhou Zupont Wood Manufacturing Inc. It is located in Huizhou of Guangdong Province, only 33kms away from Yantian Port of Shenzhen and 1-hour drive from Shenzhen Airport.

The plant occupies an area of 21, 521 m2 and has over 200 workers under a high efficient management team. More than 60 skilled workers from the old Chengdu plant are now working on every key position of production lines. Their more than 10 years' working experience in making wood panels, doors and furniture is playing important roles in the operation of this new facility.

Our present output volume is over 3000 doors per month, with the capacity to reach 5000 doors per month in future.

For more information, please contact:
Luka Zhao
Tel: 86 28 85254380/ 85221675 Fax: 86 28 85254381
Mobile: 86 13880859238